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Welcome to the mystery blog!

Posted by C M. Albrecht on May 17, 2014 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome to my site where you can learn a little about me and my books. I write mystery novels and noir novels. People liken some to hard-boiled novels, and perhaps they are, but mostly they're police procedurals and/or straight detective mysteries. All are available through my publisher, (Cambridge Books) and through sites like Kindle and most other sites.

I touch upon every sort of crime: kidnapping, rape-murder, revenge murder, murder from greed, murder from anger, jealosy, hate, spite and sometimes senseless murder for no particular reason at all. But rest assured, my detectives, professionals or amateurs, always solve the crimes and bring the killer(s) to justice.

From time to time I may be inspired to create a new blog either about my thoughts and/or complaints about life in general, religion, movies, books and people. But I always try to avoid getting into politics and specific beliefs. Those are arguments no one can win, so it's better never to start.

Feel free to offer comments and thoughts. I may not appreciate criticism (who does?) but I'm willing to listen and consider.

Presently I'm working on a dark novel tentatively titled, "The Handyman".  I'm getting near the halfway mark and so far it's really going well. I hope to have it available by spring.  This is not strictly a mystery but rather a novel involving crime among a lot of other activities and emotions. It's interesting enough for me to get up every day and wonder what's going to happen next.

UPDATE:  Sometimes when writing, characters can sort of slip in and create their own scenarios without the writer even being aware ot it...until it's too late. That happened to me in the case of the above-mentioned novel, "The Handyman". 

I had an idea in mind whan I began writing this dark novel and it was supposed to be about a handyman. It started off that way, but along came a rathe vain, self-centered deputy sheriff who slowly but surely began to take over and dominate the action, leaving the handyman in a less important position in the development of the novel. 

So in the end, I had to change the title from "The Handyman" to "The Deputy", which is now in the editing stage with my publisher and should be available by (I hope) June, or July at the latest. 

As it turns out, I think this is a better novel than the one I had anticipated and I'm really pleased with it. Hope you will be as well.

Be sure to check my blog at and sometimes you can find me on Google + Facebook and Twitter.